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KissCam LLC has solved the MeToo Movement’s inappropriate behavior concerns with its patented “Contest in the Arena”

KissCam LLC has solved the MeToo Movement's concern in the arena by approving content

Denver, CO, Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since the mid 1980’s, the Kiss cam video has been loved and adored by everyone at the sports venue. Recently, the MeToo Movement has expressed concerns the Kiss cam video is a risky parody since it is a live camera feed that is fed to the Jumbotron.

The MeToo Movement is actively lobbying to eliminate the current Kiss cam video from all venues for fear of possible inappropriate behavior shown on the live camera feed. 

KissCam’s patented Contest in the Arena (#10,372,752 and #10,162,839) completely eliminates MeToo’s concerns. During the early part of the game, the fan submits their picture or video to enter the KissCam contest. The KissCam app is designed for each entry directed to the KissCam operations team.  The KissCam operations team then verifies if the picture or video is appropriate or not. Those appropriate entries are included in the events file. Once the semifinalists are uploaded onto the Jumbotron, the announcer asks the fans to vote on their favorite picture or video.  

All of the IT and architecture for the Contest is in the KissCam app. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate into the venues’ video production. The Contest in the Arena also extends the cherished and popular KissCam segment well into the game rather than the short 1-2 minute video screen time, this creates more fan engagement and entertainment during the event.

We’re sure the MeToo Movement will be happy to learn how their concerns of the possible inappropriate behavior has been addressed and can no longer occur when the arena uses KissCam LLC’s Contest in the Arena.  The KissCam app is also available to download and enjoyed outside the game with your friends and family.

KissCam LLC is interested in discussing their Contest in the Arena with venue owners and operators to include their Contest at sports and concert events.  If you are interested in learning more about the KissCam Contest in the Arena, please contact Dana Veitch, Founder and President, Denver, Colorado,, 303-829-7306.


About KissCam LLC:

Dana Veitch, Founder and President recognized the value in the KissCam brand and acquired the trademark, launching the adored KissCam video into social media with their exclusive app and patented Contest in the Arena. The Contest in the Arena is a game changer for contests in venues. KissCam LLC’s KissCam Foundation continues to support the war against child trafficking through various efforts globally. KissCam LLC is based in Denver, Colorado offers its free app that includes hearts and overlays for everyone to enjoy the KissCam experience.

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