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Patents and Trademarks

KissCam LLC has a portfolio of 3 issued Patents.  The first and second patents were awarded to KissCam LLC for its Contest in the Arena and public locations. They create a contest setting for the fan to enter a contest at the venue to win a prize. The technology to support the Arena Contest is built inside the KissCam exclusive app.

“Contest In The Arena and Public Locations” Patent

KissCam LLC was issued US patent #11,455,334 September  22, 2022 for “Contest in the Arena” and issued US patent 10,248,665 on April 2, 2019 for “Contest in Public locations” that provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants’ public displays of affection from various entertainment venues.

This is a ‘GAME CHANGER’ for current KissCam video and in-arena contests. Event organizers now have the opportunity to engage with attendees on a deeper level, gain more exposure of their event through social media shares, and generate an additional revenue stream by offering branded sponsorship of the event.

Fans may commemorate their event experience with a branded framed photo memento, advertisers can extend their exposure as photos are launched into social media, and venues may experience new revenue streams and data collection that can further marketing efforts.

KissCam Augmented Reality (AR) Patent

KissCam LLC was issued US Patent 10,372,752 on August 6, 2019 for its AR technology to be applied during a geofenced Contest at the venue for the fans to utilize with their contest entry.


KissCam LLC is a Colorado limited liability company that owns the trademark rights for “KissCam” and “" worldwide. Our trademark rights extend throughout the America's, EU and Asia.

KissCam LLC is interested in discussing company partnerships with our well-known KissCam brand.

The International Trademark Class registrations applicable to KissCam’s trademarks comprise the following:


Computer application software for mobile phones, mobile devices and tablets or handheld computers, namely software to enable uploading, editing, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over the Internet or other communications networks.


Advertising, marketing, and promotion services; Promoting the goods and services of others via the Internet and communication networks; Market research and information services; Advertising agency services; Online service for connecting social network users with businesses.


Audio and video broadcasting, but not including music broadcasting services, over the internet or other communications network, namely uploading, posting, showing displaying, tagging and electronically transmitting information, photographs, audio, and video clips; providing access to information, audio, and video, not including music broadcasting services, via websites; none of aforementioned services provided by radio broadcasting including internet radio broadcasting.


(Use Based) Entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials featuring comedy, action, adventure, love and romance.


Application service provider (ASP) featuring software to enable uploading, editing, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over the internet or other communications network; providing a website featuring technology that enables uses to upload, post, edit, show, display and tag user-generated audio and video files on a variety of topics and subjects. (Intent-to-Use based) Photography and photography service; videotaping services.

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