Our Story

It all started with a missed kiss...

In 2011, KissCam Founder and CEO, Dana Veitch, was at a Denver Nuggets basketball game when the kiss cam segment began. He and his date were disappointed that they were not selected to be featured on the arena’s Jumbotron. Dana wondered how many other people would like to participate in the kiss cam experience. Thoughts of thousands of people looking to share some PDA or fun friends and family photos at the event led Dana to trademark "KissCam" and develop the KissCam app.



KissCam LLC’s mission is to bring the 1-2 minute “kiss cam” live video segment, which is mainly seen in North American arenas, into the hands of users globally via its smartphone app. The real value of digitizing the KissCam app is in the sponsorship revenue and data acquisition it can provide to the owners of entertainment venues, professional sports teams, celebrities and more.

Company Description

KissCam LLC is a Colorado limited liability company that owns the trademark rights for “KissCam” and “KissCam.com” in the United States and worldwide. These rights are registered with 24-member countries within the Madrid Protocol including the United Kingdom and the European Union. KissCam’s trademarks are also registered in Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Patented App Architecture

KissCam LLC filed was awarded U.S. Patent No. 15/942,190 in October 2018 for the method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants’ public displays of affection from various entertainment venues. Through KissCam’s proprietary mobile app architecture, fans can commemorate their event experience with a branded digital frame for photos taken at the event, sponsors can extend their exposure as photos are launched into social media, and venues can enjoy increased sponsorship revenue and data collection.


Contest in the Arena

KissCam LLC’s patented “Contest in the Arena” mobile app functionality enables the company to run digital photos submission contests in major venues worldwide. Sports teams, leagues and arenas can engage with fans throughout the game on a deeper level during the event, gain additional exposure of their event through social media shares, and generate a new revenue stream by offering branded sponsorship of the KissCam contest at each event.

Corporate Events

Organizations hosting corporate events can boost participant engagement, extend its brand and create new revenue streams with the KissCam app. By developing KissCam event contests, and utilizing a customized photo frame, additional brand recognition and sponsorship fee revenues can be generated.

White Label Apps

KissCam offers white label apps to sports figures, entertainers, entrepreneurs and others who are interested in having their own app with the KissCam picture frame function. The white label mobile app utilizes the same proprietary architecture as the KissCam app. It provides individuals a new avenue to promote their brand, as well as generate marketing revenues.

Social Responsibility


KissCam LLC is dedicated to giving a portion of its net profits to human trafficking charitable causes in the area of child exploitation.

KissCam LLC can create event or charity specific payment or donation functionality within the Contest App. This allows any event to become a charitable opportunity.

KissCam LLC adopts the “Time Well Spent” design goal (Harris, 2017).