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KissCam Founder and CEO, Dana Veitch was on a date at a Denver Nuggets game. As the KissCam segment was taking place, Dana and his girlfriend were deciding who would kiss whom if they were featured on the coveted JumboTron. Disappointed that they did not get their five seconds of fame, Veitch wondered how many other people in the arena wanted to participate in the KissCam experience. Thoughts of thousands of couples looking to share camera time led Veitch to start thinking. He registered the domain and also discovered that "KissCam" wasn’t trademarked. 



Veitch acquired the IT, digital, and mobile application trademark rights for KissCam globally. And, thus, began KissCam 2.0.  His team built the exclusive KissCam mobile app, and he acquired the patent for the KissCam Contest. The Contest revolutionized the KissCam brand into a contest where participants can either download the KissCam mobile app or scan a QR code on scoreboards at the event. Fans are encouraged to upload a picture (or video) during the event to win a prize. Rather than hoping you'll be chosen from thousands of fans, the KissCam Contest provides the opportunity for everyone to have a chance to be shown on the Jumbotron and win a prize from the Contest sponsor. 


The KissCam Contest was a slam-dunk and KissCam 2.0 was born. The Contest now extends fan participation outside the arena to anyone watching the game worldwide. 

In September 2021, KissCam and Esports TV (ESTV) entered into a license agreement enabling ESTV to integrate the patented KissCam contest into select Esports games. While the KissCam Contest mobile app was initially developed for use during sporting events in a venue, the company’s patented technology was expanded to a web-based app that can be utilized for any live or virtual event. 

The KissCam started more than 35 years ago, and today has been viewed more than 725,000 times on TikTok. KissCam, LLC is a limited liability company based in Denver, CO. 

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