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KissCam, LLC and Esports TV (ESTV) entered into a license agreement enabling ESTV to integrate the patented KissCam contest into select Esports games.

The KissCam contest in the Arena mobile app was initially developed for use during sporting events in a venue, but the company’s patented technology has been expanded to a web-based app that can be utilized for any live or virtual event. 

Teaming with ESTV, the world’s first 24/7 live linear and AVOD Esports channel, complements both platforms. The KissCam legend has captivated sports fans for 40 years at the sporting arena. Entering the Esports world with ESTV, which are metaverse champions, is KissCam’s next big milestone to engage virtual fans worldwide.

ESTV Founder and CEO Eric Yoon said, “We see this licensing agreement with KissCam as another opportunity to bring a fun, new experience to our Esports fans during games worldwide, and integrate a premium partnership opportunity for our sponsors.”

The KissCam is recognized worldwide as part of the sports fan experience and is the perfect link for Esports and their sponsors seeking to engage with customers. Now with the company’s new licensing agreement, the influential and highly recognizable brand can be utilized by any Esports organization for any live or virtual promotion.

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