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In-Arena KissCam Contests offer leagues and teams an outstanding opportunity to connect fans and heighten their experience in the venue.


Today’s fans are seeking more entertainment experiences beyond the game itself. A survey by Deloitte found that “an exciting atmosphere within the stadium” is one of the four core expectations from today’s fans. The survey goes on to state that fan satisfaction was among the lowest with “attributes related to mobile use in stadium—for other forms of entertainment, fantasy, and in-game statistics, among other uses.”


The KissCam Contest is the perfect link for teams seeking to increase revenues through new sponsorships, further engage fans, and bring greater excitement to the in-stadium experience. Teams secure sponsors who underwrite the contest and receive branded exposures through unique KissCam photo frames seen by contest participants and through social media.

How Does It Work?

Fans are invited to enter the KissCam Contest by using their phones to scan a QR code on the venue's scoreboard. After scanning, fans open the KissCam “Enter the Contest” page. Attendees snap a picture, place it in a customized KissCam frame, and upload it to enter the KissCam Contest. Later in the event, semi-finalists are announced, and fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite picture. The winner is chosen from the most votes received, and is presented a prize from the contest sponsor. When fans push their image to their social media sites, it further heightens the exposure of the team and sponsor.  

Contact Us to Customize an In-Arena KissCam Contest for Your Team.

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