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KissCam, LLC Virtual Contests Enable Fans to Participate During Sporting Events from Anywhere

From Stadiums to Living Rooms, the KissCam Contest Engages Sports Fans


DENVER, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The KissCam, LLC Contest in the Arena mobile app was originally developed for use during sporting events in a venue, but the company's patented technology enables the sharing of virtual love even when venues are empty or socially distanced.

With the KissCam® mobile app, fans can participate from anywhere in the world – at a venue or in their living room. Fans can snap a pic or video, place it in a customized team and sponsor KissCam frame, and enter their team's KissCam contest during a game. Fans vote for the winner, who receives a prize from the sponsor, as well as bragging rights when their logoed framed picture is shared during the broadcast and on social media.


The KissCam Contest is the perfect link for teams seeking to increase revenues, engage fans and bring excitement to the in-stadium experience during these challenging times. Teams secure sponsors who underwrite the contest and receive branded exposures through unique KissCam frames that are seen by contest participants and through social media.

KissCam designs photo frames highlighting the team and sponsor. Early in the game, the KissCam contest and sponsor are announced and fans are encouraged to submit a photo or video to win a prize from the contest sponsor. On the KissCam app, fans can select from one of the event frames to use with their entry. They simply drop in their photo or video, submit it to the contest with one click. When the fan pushes the photo or video to their social media sites, it further heightens the exposure of the team and sponsor.

KissCam, LLC. also announced recently licensing agreements for sports teams, businesses, events and more. KissCam, LLC holds the registered trademark for the KissCam globally and is licensing the brand to make the KissCam experience available both inside and outside the arena to organizations worldwide. In this time of COVID-19, sporting events played without fans and organizations' marketing efforts doesn't mean the KissCam can't be part of the experience.

"Through our data collection over the past few years, we have discovered there is an incredible amount of interest in the KissCam brand worldwide, especially now as sporting events are seeking to engage fans who are not able to be in the stadium due to COVID-19 restrictions," said Dana Veitch, Founder, and CEO of KissCam, LLC. "Many people are unaware that the KissCam is a registered trademarked brand. We are offering our KissCam contests, as well as the opportunity of utilizing the brand to organizations through our licensing agreements. Now organizations and businesses can include the KissCam inuence as part of their marketing outreach."

The KissCam is recognized worldwide as part of the sports fan experience. Now with the company's new licensing agreement, the powerful and highly recognizable brand can be utilized by any organization for any promotion.

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About KissCam, LLC:

Founded in 2012, KissCam, LLC is a privately held entertainment, advertising, and video/photo messaging company that owns the KissCam registered trademark worldwide, licensing agreements, and a free video and photo sharing mobile app. KissCam, LLC owns a U.S patent (# 10162839) for "Contest in the Arena" that provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants' public displays of affection from various entertainment venues.

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