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Our Story


It all started with a missed kiss... đź’‹

In 2011 our Founder and CEO, Dana Veitch was on a date at the Denver Nuggets game. As the Kiss cam segment was happening, Dana and his girlfriend were figuring out who would kiss whom if they were featured on the coveted JumboTron. Disappointed that they did not get their five seconds of fame, Dana wondered how many other people would like to participate in the Kiss cam experience. Thoughts of thousands of couples looking to share some PDA led Dana to trademark "KissCam" and develop the fun KissCam app.  

At present, KissCam LLC holds the KissCam trademark worldwide and owns 3 US Patents for its Arena Contest and public areas and the third for applying AR technology to the KissCam App. The Arena Contest is a game changer for contests in venues by entering the contest to win a prize rather than hoping to be selected by the camera man. This technology to support the Arena Contest is built inside KissCam exclusive app. 

The KissCam app has expanded the adored KissCam brand outside the arena to engage the public to download the hearts and frames to show their friends and family and to celebrate holidays and events.



Contest in Arenas

Our patented “Arena Contest” mobile app architecture provides a method and system for collecting, communicating and evaluating digital images of participants’ public displays of affection from various entertainment venues.

The functionality in KissCam app enables us to run digital photos submission contests in major venues worldwide.

Now sports teams, leagues and arenas can bring the KissCam experience to their events. Engage with your fans throughout the game by hosting a KissCam photo contest. Fans submit their photos in custom branded frames to the venue, as well as on social media, thereby extending visibility of the event and the brand. Finalists are selected, and fans vote on their favorite submittals. The KissCam photo garnering the most votes is shown on the arena’s Jumbotron, and the winner receives a special prize package from the contest sponsor.


“Contest in the Arena” Patent

KissCam LLC was issued US patent 10,162,839 on December 25, 2018 for the right of event spectators to participate in a contest by taking and posting pictures or videos via their smart phones from inside the venue on which others can vote. The submission garnering the most votes wins the contest. Fans commemorate their event experience with a digital framed memento, sponsors extend their brand exposure as photos are launched into social media, and the venue receives new sponsorship revenue and data collection to further their marketing efforts.


A Ticket to Fun

KissCam is dedicated to creating new ways for brands and fans to connect on a deeper level. From custom designed photo frames available in our app, to our exclusive U.S. patented "Contest In The Arena" event feature, KissCam makes events more memorable for attendees and more lucrative for brand sponsors. Venues and organizations hosting KissCam contests can boost participants' engagement, extend brand awareness through social media shares, and create new revenue streams through sponsorships of the contest.

KissCam also helps celebrities, professional sports players and influencers expand their brand by providing custom white labels versions of our app.

The opportunities for partnerships and licensing agreements are endless! We look forward to working with you to ensure your next event leaves a lasting impression!



KissCam LLC is the ONLY mobile app granted a patent for a “Contest in the Arena.” (Patent #15/942,190). The Event feature creates an opportunity for venues to interact with their fans on a deeper level and garner awareness and impressions outside of the event, while also simultaneously collecting demographic data.


We’ll take your branded photo frame and load it into the KissCam app. Your custom frame will be geo-fenced so that it will only display to people who are located within a certain distance from your venue. It’s perfect for weddings, corporate retreats and conferences.



Let us be the architect of your mobile app! We build and produce custom White Label versions of our app’s platform for celebrities, professional sports players and entrepreneurs looking to expand their personal brand. Let’s discuss how we can help you further engage with your fans!