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Fusing Fans With Brands

Just when you think you know KissCam...

Since trademarking the IP for KissCam, we have extended the reach of this iconic brand beyond the confines of stadiums and onto the global stage. We have successfully marketed our products in the sports and various other industries, all of which have recognized the inherent value of incorporating the renowned KissCam brand into their offerings. This presents a unique opportunity for them to maximize their potential.

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  • #KissCam has received over 2.2 BILLION views on TikTok, all organic, no promotions.

  • We received patents for the KissCam Contest (#11,455,334 B2) focusing on fan engagement, data collection, and sponsorship revenue. Our KissCam Contest is average of 9% fan engagement, with the high at 11%.


Now everyone now has the chance to be on the KissCam!

  • KissCam was recently promoted by Experience Kissimmee in NFL London Games

  • Received a 48% engagement rate from a Facebook advertisement promoting the Indian Premier Leagues (IPL) T20.

  • KissCam received downloads from all first tier 32 countries during the 2018 Men’s World Cup.

The KissCam Contest was rolled out during OKC Dodgers Games

“The KissCam Contest was not only fun for participants but also a great opportunity to provide personalized entertainment during the game.”
Jenna Byrnes, Senior Vice President, Oklahoma City Dodgers

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See How KissCam Contests Work

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The KissCam Mobile Contest App Creates Excitement and Engagement Among Your Audiences



KissCam Founder and CEO, Dana Veitch was on a date at a Denver Nuggets game when the inspiration for the KissCam Contest was born. He has since acquired the IT, digital and mobile application trademark rights for KissCam globally. His team built the exclusive KissCam mobile app, and he acquired the patent for the KissCam Contest. With more than 725 million views (soon to break 1 billion) on TikTok, the company is now expanding into KissCam 2.0.


KissCam, LLC offers a variety of services to teams, leagues, organizations, companies, and individuals, including In-Arena Contests, Esports Contests, Special Events, Corporate Branding, Celebrities, and Licensing Agreements.

KissCam works with organizations to design promotions that build brands, fan loyalty, and revenues for our partners.


Sports teams, companies, media, nonprofits, celebrities and more use the KissCam as part of their branding strategies.


Check out a sampling of KissCam Contests worldwide for sports, events, holidays, etc. to see how your organization can incorporate KissCam in your marketing plans.

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